Money Smart Week 2017

I always like to take some time to reflect after participating in the planning, sponsoring and speaking of a very meaningful and impactful community initiative.  Money Smart Week definitely fits in that category. 

Starting almost 20 years ago Money Smart Week is a full week of coordinated efforts throughout the State of Michigan and all over the Country. Organizations, financial experts, nonprofits, public and private sector practitioners come together and volunteer their time and talent to teach about financial management, personal wealth, qualify of life and create awareness of the programs and services that are available where people work, live and play. 

This year I worked in partnership with Kelly Masters, Graceful Communications, and The State Bank to help underwrite an amazing program going on 2 successful years of bringing Female Entrepreneurs resources, information and solutions to help start up a new business or expand and grow their existing business. 

The women you meet are phenomenal!  I met a woman that started a bookkeeping service from her home and now has a chain of locations.  I met a women that creates the most delicious cakes.  I met a woman that has an online shopping service.  I met a woman that is interested in starting a business but she is trying to find the balance between being a wife, a mother of two small children and writing her business plan. 

So many determined women.  So many great ideas, and so much "Girl Power".  It was a remarkable experience and I was happy to share funding resources and teach about grant opportunities and resources available for new and existing businesses. 

Community-UP! not only helps nonprofits strengthen their toolbox so that they can be more effective in the communities they serve, we also provide community service and facilitate, teach or act as an intermediate for our clients and their audience.