CRA/Exam Prep


Acquisition and Merger

Community-Up provides consulting services for CRA Exam Prep, CRA Self-Assessments, Performance Context Reporting, Community Development Strategies and Action Plans. If you have an upcoming exam and you have not completed your data configurations, peer data comparisons and data dashboards, contact us we can help.

Community-Up works with banks on an aggressive growth strategy during acquisition and merger through the development of a CRA Integration plan to ensure a seamless transition securing legacy data and other important information.

CRA & fair Lending Action Plans


Community Benefits Plans

Community-Up develops the CRA and/or Fair Lending strategic plans and action plans, complete with a timeline, benchmarks, peer data, goals, objectives and training kits for lines of business.


Community-Up works with your team internally and community partners in all of the banks assessment areas to create a thorough Community Benefits Plan for CRA qualifiable Lending, Service and Investment. Inclusive of Innovative and Responsive Community Development Initiatives.

SWOT Analysis


Data Analysis and Reporting

Community-Up completes an internal CRA program assessment and offers the development of a CRA and Fair Lending program customized to your financial institutions overall business strategy, FTE count, branch disbursement and asset size, within 30-90 days of implementation, depending on the uniqueness of your business model. 

Community-Up provides technical assistance, trouble shooting, quarterly monitoring and reporting for 18 – 36 months depending on the contract.

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