The Up-Education Small Business Technical Assistance Program 

The success of a small business start-up is measured in its ability to remain open and profitable 3-5 years after its first day of business. This workshop provides the support and a wheelhouse of tools for entrepreneurs that need additional one-on-one consultation. The course reviews:

  • Business Plan Development

  • Market research and feasibility study,

  • Site visits

  • 5 year forecast with fully documented 5 year growth strategies

  • Credit review and management

  • City, state and federal required documentation

  • Licensing, insurance, bonding and any other required filings for the business entity.

We also offer business consulting packages for the various stages of business ownership

  • New Business Start-up and Plan Development

  • Development of a Bankable Credit Profile

  • Business Consulting Services

The Up-Education Nonprofit Capacity Building Program

UP Education workshops provides resources  to local nonprofit organizations serving low income  communities, educating on the evolution of community development work in low income communities from across the country.  By looking at best practices nationwide,  we continue to provide the best solutions to developing  a continually evolving understanding of the ever-changing dynamic in community development work.  Below are a list of workshops: 

  • Financial Capability Education providing effective financial empowerment

  • Small Business Technical Assistance for start-ups and small business expansion

  • Technical Assistance and Capacity Building for Affordable Housing

  • Analysis and Practical Application of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Regulation

  • CRA collaboration and leveraging: Deep Dive into the CRA regulation for strengthening partnership

  • Understanding Community Development Financial Institutions and how to get funding approval

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